The Facebook- owned messaging app WhatsApp has been improving after launching the new feature on the application which is video calling.

According to Tech Crunch, new reports showed that the video calling feature is now available and functional in some of the beta builds of the Android application. This followed the application's recent arrival in the Windows phone version of WhatsApp.

Last week, an update of the application on IOS users has been launched but it still does not support video calling.

For WhatsApp users who already have access to the new video calling feature of the application, you wil be able to make a video call by tapping the call button or by tapping the contact card. This will show you a new dialog box which will give you an option to make a standard call or a video call.

The feature also shows in the call log which calls were made via video by showing a camera icon with the call details instead of telephone icon shown when a standard call has been made.

Users can only make outgoing video calls to a contact who has updated the app as well, as per IBT. It was also stated that the quality of the video call would still depend on the phone camera itself, while the audio quality of the call will depend on the data network.

Android Police advised that if users encounter problems with the application after the update, you may wipe the data of the application on the phone settings and logging back in.

As of this writing, WhatsApp has not yet announced on the updates about the video calling feature being available to Windows and IOS users.

WhatsApp have just recently released a camera update on the application which enables users to draw text and add emojis to videos and photos captured using the application.