With the debacle recently faced by Samsung on the flop of their Note 7s, many users are eager to find out if the smartphone they are using, regardless if it is a Note 7 or not, are in good condition.

Well, did you know that Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a hidden test menu?

According to Tech Times, the special menu can be used by dialling a string of characters. It enables users to confirm if there are certain components of the smartphone that may be malfunctioning or needs to be checked.

This feature will convey in-depth look at how to access this special menu, as shared by Mashable:

Open the Phone App and Press *#0*#

To access the hidden test menu, users need to dial *#0*# on the device's Phone app.

Afterwards, a menu consisting of labelled tiles will appear on the screen which corresponds to the various tests that are available for the smartphone device.

The various tests that will be available on the device will be diverse depending on the model of the Samsung Galaxy device where the hidden test menu is accessed.

Among the buttons are ones that test the Red, Green and Blue on the smartphone's display; one that checks the vibration, dimming and sensitivity of the smartphone; one that plays a song at higher volume to check the speakers; one that checks the various sensors in the smartphone. It also checks the functionality of the mega cam, front cam and many more.

Check Battery Voltage by Pressing *#0228#

As further shared by Mashable, the current issues faced by Galaxy Note 7 have been around faulty batteries. To double check your phone's battery voltage, type *#0228# into the phone dialer.

Now, you're going to have to know a bit about batteries to decipher this information, but assuming you do, you'll know if something is off from taking a look at this screen. However, there is a disclaimer in running the quick start of the test.

Accordingly, the fuel gauge will be reset causing to be inaccurate. So, it is better not to run same unless it is written in the test procedure.

By means of the hidden test menu, it enables users to check the different components of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

It provides certain advantage to users, such as making sure first that there might be something wrong with the device before bringing it to Samsung service center for repairs.

Furthermore, using the hidden test menu will provide users a deeper idea on how their device works.