Even though Nikon D500, the latest top-of-the-line APS-C DSLR, has been out in stores since January, it still has recently created buzz in the tech world as it unleashes its most unique feature.

D500 was the first Nikon camera with Snapbridge.

Snapbridge is the unique feature of the D500. It makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy to establish an 'always-active connection' between users' camera and smartphone.

According to The Verge, this first-rate camera is capable of shooting 10 frames per second and capturing 4K video. The DLSR is also offering in-depth manual controls.

With the exceptional specs of D500 shots and Snapbridge app combined, the gap between cameras and smartphones are now being burned.

Snapbridge is said to be the key for connecting phone to a camera which makes other methods to become archaic or traditional.

It is consistently reliable and quicker than other ways used by camera makers.

However, there has been a disclaimer that the app's connection is not flawless. The initial stage of connection process is said to be buggy.

If users lost the connection with their phone, they have to deal with un-pairing and repairing the two devices all over again.

Nonetheless, users have been rest assured that Snapbridge works all of the time.

The process is that users can access the photos captured by the Nikon device on their smartphone through the Snapbridge app. The entire process basically allows tethering the camera to users' smartphone.

The app has its mode feature which automatically lets the camera send 2-megapixel versions of every photos taken.

It is also renowned as the best possible way to access, quickly share, and edit photos from a full-size camera.

Purportedly, smartphones had taken over the camera in a huge way over the last half decade.

In an attempt to bridge the gap between camera makers and smartphones, some tech companies have already introduced various ways to facilitate easier ways of transferring data.

One of it is the Eye-Fi card, an SD card with a small wireless radio. It is one of the most basic demonstrations in transferring photos from card to phone.

With Snapbridge, Nikon has done the same in bridging the gap between the two through various ways.

Snapbridge is definitely a flagship feature in D500's experience that brought Nikon to earn its competitive edge over its other competitors.