Jennifer Lawrence might have a new admirer in her life and he's far from he likes of Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin.

According to Mirror, the "Hunger Games" star is secretly dating Darren Aronofsky, director of "Black Swan," after working over the summer.

The 26-year-old Lawrence and Aronofsky, who has a 21-year gap, sparked dating rumors after being spotted multiple times on low-key dates around Los Angeles recently, Winnipeg Press reports.

The pair bonded over the set of a new film, which hasn't been named yet and stars Javier Bardem and Michelle Pfeiffer, where the duo became extra close and hitting it off. The two were photographed by a fan eating out which spread like wildfire over Instagram.

"Jennifer and Darren have tried to keep things low-key and under wraps but they are really into each other," a source revealed to The Sun. "Recently Jennifer was working on a grueling project and she relied on Darren for support and they were in constant contact. It seemed to show they were the real deal."

Mirror reports, the rumored couple are making things work despite long distance between them and Lawrence, who is Los Angeles-based is flying in and out of New York just to see her new boo.

After her split with Coldplay frontman Christ Martin, who has two children with his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, this has been Lawrence's first public relationship after dating for four months, Winnipeg Press added.

She also had a previous long-term relationship with his off-again and on-again "X-Men" co-star Nicholas Hoult in 2011, where they met after doing a sreen test for "X-Men: first class", and have ended their relationship in 2014, as published on Pop Crush.

On the other hand, the 47-year old director Darren Aronofsky was previously with Rachel Weisz and two share a 10-year old son named Henry. The couple were engaged for five years after splitting up in 2010 then, Weisz started dating her now-husband Daniel Craig, as published on Winnipeg Press.

No official confirmation yet has been released about this sparking rumor and why J.Law fell for the much older director, but the "Joy" star recently admitted of being attracted to men whose going above and beyond to 'impress' her, the site added.

"It's not a sad thing to be alone. I think what I was trying to get across was that I don't feel a lack of something not being in a relationship. I don't feel like there is a hole to be filled ... An emotional hole to be filled ... You know, I'm 25. I'm successful. But I'm a girl. So I'm still always going to be attracted to somebody who impresses me," J.Law said.