President Barack Obama reveals that he is a science-fiction fan. During the time that President Obama served as guest editor for Wired magazine in the November issue, he offered up a list of his all-time favorite sci-fi TV shows and movies.

According to CBS, Obama shared his must-watch list of movies and TV shows to 'expand your mind to new horizons'.

The cerebral interstellar saga "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the android drama "Blade Runner" are among President Barack Obama's favorite sci-fi films and TV shows, accordingly it was his top 2 favorites.

Meanwhile, Ms. Gael Cooper of CNet said that his tastes aren't exactly futuristic. These are solid sci-fi choices that even your grandma has heard and probably seen a dozen times.

Here's the list, along with some of the president's comments:

1. "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Obama says Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film "captures the grandeur and scale of the unknown."

2. "Blade Runner"

The president says he selected the 1982 film Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" because it "asks what it means to be human."

3. "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

The president calls Steven Spielberg's 1977 film "fundamentally optimistic."

4. "Star Wars"

The President loved the original 'Star Wars', "because it was fun and revolutionized special effects."

5. "Star Trek: The Original Series

Obama revealed that he is both a "Star Wars" and a "Star Trek" person.

He added that he loved Gene Roddenberry's show because it "wasn't actually about technology. It was about values and relationships."

6. "The Martian"

The most recent item on the president's list is Ridley Scott's 2015 Matt Damon movie, which Obama said "shows humans as problem solvers."

7. "The Matrix"

 The 1999 Keanu Reeve's film that had moviegoers debating between the red and blue pill appealed to Obama, who said "it asks basic questions about our reality -- and looks very cool."

8. "Cosmos"

 Carl Sagan's beloved 1980 series fed the president's "lifelong fascination with space".