Next year, the iPad Air 3 is expected to be revealed in the next Apple event, which might be on March 2017.

According to GameNGuide, there had been no mention of new iPad products during the September 2016 event, so the next generation of Apple's tablets will most likely be released next year.

It's been almost two years since the iPad Air 2 has been launched. Many iPad enthusiasts are already eager to find out the rumors and speculations about the release of iPad Air 3, its price and specifications.

The iPad Air 3 is anticipated to have a sleeker design though there are also information asserting that there will be no changes in the physical exterior of the forthcoming device.

Many techies are certain that the third generation iPad Air will be thinner than its predecessor, which only has a thickness of 6.1mm. Apple can definitely find ways to make it look thinner.

Color variants will still be the original Gray, Silver and Gold options, with the possibilities of Rose Gold to be added, as per PC Advisor.

In terms of hardware upgrades, the iPad Air 3 will most likely add unique features to make it stand out from the rest of the iPad lines of Apple.

Some question raised is whether Apple will use the same True Tone screen found on the new iPad Pro.

Improvements are more likely to come on the inside with upgrades such as a new processor, presumably the A10 which could well power the iPhone 7.

According to reports, the device might sport the A10 SoC which is already in the newly released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It is considered as the fastest mobile system today.

If the tech giant uses the said processor in the iPad Air 3, it will become a very powerful portable device.

Another speculated feature of the device is the addition of Smart connector for Smart keyboard. Many are also asking for Apple Pencil compatibility in iPad Air 3.

Just like the iPad Mini 5, the 7000 series aluminum is said to be used for the chassis of the device.

According to Macworld, while reports about the iPad Air 3's features and specifications are creating buzz in the tech world, there are also theories that Apple will soon end the iPad Air product line since less people are buying tablets due to the improving qualities of smartphones.