The high demand for TV talent which comes with the increasing number of viewers are creating major impact to these actors' bank accounts.

The 2015-2016 TV season recently wrapped up and CBS finished in the NO. 1 position for the second time as the most watched broadcast network within the last four years, according to Forbes. Rating number 1 for twice in a row means that the show and its actors who paved the way for this to happen snatched the top five slots on Forbes' 2016 The Word's Highest-Paid TV Actors.

With $25.5 million take home pay from June 1, 2015 to June 1, 2016, "The Big Bang Theory" actor, Jim Parsons, is the highest earning TV actor in the world! For second time this year, "Sheldon Cooper" landed himself at the top of the list making his net worth reportedly $50 million.

This wave didn't only affect Jim Parsons, but his castmates did too. Johnny Galecki, took the second slot from his $24 million earnings, Simon Helberg banks in $22.5 million for his role as "Howard Wolowitz", Kunal Nayyar as Rajesh Koothrappali earns $22 million making him the fourth most money-making actor and Mark Harmon's role on NCIS made him $20 million, Forbes reports.

Meanwhile, Sofia Vergara was made millions last year amounting to $43 million through her multiple endorsements, licensing deals, and her role as "Gloria" in Modern Family. On the other hand, Kaley Cuoco came in second with an astounding $24.5 million.

Their lucrative contract in "The Big Bang Theory" took part in their massive earnings with reportedly $1 million per episode deal. Bazinga!

Here are the other TV actors who made this year's list, according to Forbes.

1. Jim Parsons - $25.5 million
2. Johnny Galecki - $24 million
3. Simon Helberg - $22.5 million
4. Kunal Nayyar - $22 million
5. Mark Harmon - $20 million
6. Ty Burell - $12.5 million
7. Nathan Fillion - $12 million
8. Jesse Tyler Ferguson - $12 million
9. Ray Romano - $12 million
10. Ed O'Neill - $11.5 million