The American public blew off steam everywhere when Donald Trump criticized U.S. airports as being "third world" in his opinion. He stated the "problem" last Monday in the recently held presidential debate.

Among the airports he mentioned that have a resemblance to airports of third-world countries are from LaGuardia, LAX, Kennedy and Newark. In the same statement, he mentioned the airports of cities in Dubai, Qatar and China, but in a better note and view from the said U.S states. Trump sealed his statement with a strong quote "We've become a third world country."

At this, LA Weekly reports, that his fellow presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responded to Trump's statement claiming that the probable reason some of the airports he mentioned were not at par with other international airports he had visited before was his missed payments of federal income taxes over the years.

In the site's same report, Trump's statement may backfire at him considering his own political party were one of the groups that opposed the construction of the California High Speed Rail. It also stated that this is a clear example of why California, being one of the places where a lot of billionaires reside, has poor transportation roads and school structures. This is, in fact, due to the people who do not pay the right taxes so the state will be able to develop their infrastructures, like Trump who admitted to neglecting federal tax payment and calling himself 'smart' because of it.

A reporter from Huffington Post shared her very own thoughts in the issue saying that other countries that may have amazing transit terminals may not have great the best human policies or other important matters that a country's leaders should also be paying its attention to. In addition, she defended U.S. airports more by telling of the incredible perks and features the airports offer that Trump could have probably missed out on knowing due to him always flying on a private plane.