Thrill-Seeking individuals can book a night in Colonial Williamsburg's spooky houses. 

They will be allowing visitors in Colonial Williamsburg's haunted-themed colonial houses for Halloween, wherein details of scary past and history of these buildings will be revealed to guests.

According to Fox News, these historic homes presents genuine reproductions such as canopy beds and crackling fires. Not only that, these house are believed to have paranormal activities surrounding it. People who have stayed in those structures experienced moving furniture, ghostly figures and unknown sounds.

An overnight guest in Colonial Williamsburg, who taunted the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, heard footsteps in the hallway come midnight and the guest jokingly said, "Goodnight, Tom." After that, he heard a screeching chair sound as if someone stood up., published on Forbes.

Long time ago, Jefferson lodged in the Market Square Tavern which is one of the 88 original buildings in Colonial Williamsburg, which was founded in 1632, and he still haunts it until today.

In the other Colonial Williamsburg houses, sightings of a woman wearing dated dress attire has been sitting in a rocking chair were reported. While in the Orrell House, the ghosts flip the furniture in the house which shocks their guests every time, all reported by Fox News.

Other ghostly anomalies that the houses have been making are cold spots, scents of tobacco pip, mumblings and other hair-raising incidents, Travel Pulse reports.

This Halloween, the Virginia resort is daring everyone to spend a night in their haunted houses. Renting one of the colonial houses will start at $216 per night for two persons which includes all-access passes to the Halloween events, other than the ones people are getting while staying in their houses, the site added.

Packages are available from October 28-31 and their guests can expect the Halloween themed colonial houses, dances in the square, screenings of classic horror films, and other ghostly funs like A Haunting on DoG Street: Curse of the Sea Witch.