The new anime series "Mob Psycho 100' has gained fans since it started and now its fans were left in awe as the show reached the 12th episode which ended its first season.

Looking back at the season's 11th episode, Mob has finally reached his 100 percent stress level when Sakurai slashed Reigen from behind. To the fans' surprise, Reigen has finally learned to stand up on his own. He seemed to endure Sakurai's attack and said that he did not even felt the slash of his plastic sword.

This just made Sakurai attempt to attack him for the second time. Reigen caught the sword using his bare hands and broke it into half, according to iTech Post.

Reigen also blasted Matsuo's poison jar, eliminated Muraki's clones and popped Ishiguro's black-holes like soap bubbles.

Later on, it was revealed on the episode that Reigen's psychic power have reached 1000 percent when Mob unintentionally transferred his power to his master when Reigen slapped him on the previous episode.

The Claws have attempted to defeat Reigen by giving out all of their strength and power but with Reigen's psychic power being elevated to 1000 percent, the team still won the battle.

" It's ridiculous heck and a lot anti-climatic more anti-climatic than I was expecting to say the least but it's so incredibly silly that it's hard not to grin at the sheer audacity of it, and it makes for a punchline that's as awe-inspiring as it is hilarious," according to Jarius Taylor in The Fandom Post.

The anime series' season finale definitely went differently than what the fans expected based on what the previous cliffhanger implied to the audience.

The creators of the anime series, Bones Inc., confirmed that the "Mob Psycho 100" will have a second season due to its popular demand from the fans but has yet to announce on when the second season will be released.