On "Girl Meets World" Season 3 Episode 4 titled "Girl Meets She Don't Like Me" which aired on September 23, Riley tries to make new friends in her high school but everyone seemed to be acting like a little less friendly than what she expected. On the other hand, the students learn a new lesson in their Health class, according to The Young Folks.

This is the series' 65th episode overall. The episode showed Riley trying to make friends with a girl she saw on the high school hallwa, but was turned down after the girl told her that she does not like her.

Maya tred to comfort Riley, convincing her that there is nothing that she can do about the girl not having interest on being her friend. "You can only control your own reaction to what goes on," said Maya to Riley.

On their health class, their professor Mr. Fanucci tells them that their lesson is about "Our bodies, our friends."

"You'll all pass no matter what. You know why? Because if I fail you, I have to meet your parents. I don't want to meet your parents. I don't want to meet you," Mr. Fanucci tells the class.

In the apartment Matthews, Riley complains about Mr. Fanucci and how the people in her school doesn't like her. Maya again tells Riley that she does not have control about it and could only control her reaction towards it. "When you try to control life, life does its best to teach you not to," Topanga adds.

The episode ends with Riley accepting what Maya and Topanga told her about not being able to control everything and having thr ability on how you perceive and control your reactions over things. Back at the high school, the girl tells Riley for the second time that she does not like her but Riley responds, "Well I Like you."

On the other hand, Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode 15 with the title "Girl Meets World: Of Terror 3" will start by Auggie narrating a scary Holloween story about what the world would be if Maya and Riley never met, according to IBT.

In the episode, the two do not know each other and both are not there to support each other like they used to in real life, but this is not just affecting Maya and Riley.

The season's 15th episode will air on Disney Channel as their Holloween episode on October 14.