The Apple Watch Series 2 has been officially launched. It comes with new exciting features making it one of the best wearables ever designed.

This time, the main focus is to place a greater emphasis on fitness aside from just being a high-end fashion accessory.

The Series 2 is Apple's first waterproof smartwatch. It is capable of being submerged in up to 50 meters of water. It is perfect for users who want to track their physical activity while swimming.

Not only that, Apple has developed an innovative mechanism that sends water flying out of its speaker, in order to discharge unwanted water out of the wearable after being submerged into water.

Since the Series 2 is waterproof, water sports enthusiasts can also easily track their workout activity as well via built-in GPS. It is also a perfect fitness tracker device and a smartwatch.

Series 2 comes with its new wearable operating system, Watch OS 3. According to Mr. Patrick O'Rourke of MobileSyrup, WatchOS 3 is a complete overhaul of the Apple Watch's software.

Accordingly, Watch OS 3 takes massive step forward in terms of making the Series 2 a more independent device. But it still needs to be tethered to an iPhone to access most of its features. Overall, watchOS 3 is a monumental leap forward for the Apple Watch.

According to a review made in MobileSyrup, the Apple Watch is a great companion device designed to triage notifications and run simple apps. It has gone better, especially when it comes to speed.

The Series 2 has its wearable's built-in GPS. It is one of the most requested features in the original Apple Watch. However, it is important to note that continuous GPS use limits battery life to about five hours.

Apple's wearable remains the top smartwatch on the market right now and that position is reaffirmed with the Series 2.

Apple is the dominant force in smartwatches, according to new data from research firm Kantar Worldpanel. Prices start at $369 for the Series 2 but that can go up as high as $1,099 if consumers opt to buy design with a stainless steel case and strap.