Whether the ad campaign seems like a 'too soon' or a 'just-in-time' marketing strategy, it surely has an effective connection with its target audiences.

Entertainment and showbiz world was rocked following the world-hitting headline of "Brangelina" split up. This was further confirmed after Angelina Jolie had filed divorce after their 12-year romance.

The Norwegian Airlines saw this big showbiz craze as an opportunity to invite the travelers to choose and book their flight with their promo rates. According to reports by Express, this story comes after the airline confirmed flights to America for just £50.

Using the tag line "Brad is single," it has occupied the pages of various international newspapers as an excellent flight offer to Los Angeles.

The airline decided to advertise their connections from Oslo in Norway to Los Angeles, where the actor is based. The ad has amused many readers, who found the joke funny; some perceived it as an eyebrow-raising caption.

But this promo rates will come with a catch. Further reports by Express, Boeing has to come to the table first. Mr. Thomas Ramdahl, Norwegian Cruise Airlines' chief commercial officer, has confirmed the cheap flights will go ahead once a new fleet is in operation.

Accordingly, Boeing's new 737 MAX 8 airliners are the ticket to cheap fares. The 100 planes will be built with fuel efficient CFM LEAP-1B engines with upgraded aerodynamics and avionics. It's these improvements that will allow Norwegian Air to sell the heavily discounted fare

"I can promise you that you will see transatlantic flights on the 737 MAX next year and that's when you will see the $69 fares," Mr Ramdahl added to Business Insider.

The airline already offers flights as cheap as £142 ($189) from Barcelona or Copenhagen to the US.

Norwegian Airline currently enjoys their double success as being voted the world's Best Long Haul Low-Cost Airline and the Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe at the World Airline Awards this year.