Abandoned cars have been turned into something useful and charming in a resort in northern China. These cars have been beautifully and creatively turned into cute cartoon styled hotels.

Tai Tai Mountain Park owners have turned over 30 old buses into tiny hotels. These hotels have individual kitchens, bathrooms, stylistic interior and outer designs, as reported in CNN Edition. Tai Tai Mountain Park is located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.

The individual hotel each projects a theme of its own. These themes range from Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse and Doraemon. Cartoon murals surround all over the exterior areas of the hotels.

Meanwhile, people will find vibrant bedspreads, unique dish utensils, and large stuffed animals inside the hotels. Guolin Han shared his explanation on the reason he has made a decision buses would be more useful into turning into cartoon-themed hotels. Han is the owner of The Tai Tai Mountain Park.

Han explained why buses were chosen to be turned into cute hotels. He said that:

"These abandoned buses are cheap to buy and it's a great reuse of waste."

Han shared the park invested over $9,000 to convert the buses into hotels. The Tai Tai Mountain Park in China has a fee of $43 a night stay bill for those who would stay at the tiny cartoon-themed hotel rooms. In local currency, the rooms cost 200 yuan per night, as reported in The Daily Mail UK.

The hotels have allegedly set sights on families and couples as potential customers for their newly opened establishments.

Ever since these hotels have opened services to customers in May The Tai Tai Mountain Park, business transactions have continuously been coming in. The inflow of these business transactions has particularly been continuous, more so, during the weekends. Owners of the hotels, though, have recommended that early bookings be made to assure the availability of rooms in these hotels.

Ten buses were picked to be turned into hotels in China, according to English.cri.cn.