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Top 5 Oldest Pyramids In Egypt

Travelers Today       By    Joseph Peter Capaque

Updated: Jun 01, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

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File:Saqqara pyramid ver 2.jpg
Saqqara pyramid of Djoser in Egypt
(Photo: Charlesjsharp/Wikimedia Commons)

Which of the pyramids in Egypt are the oldest? How old are they? Travelers who are in the country can visit these buildings that are older than Jesus Christ or Moses.

Top 5: Great Pyramid of Giza (Built 2560 BC)

Also called Pyramid of Khufu or Pyramid of Cheops, this is a mausoleum built for Khufu, fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh. It was the world's tallest structure of the ancient world for over 38 centuries. It is one of the seven original wonders of the world and is the only one that is still standing for the modern humans to see. Egyptologists believe that the tomb was built in one to two decades.

Top 4: Red Pyramid (Built c. 2580 BC)

Also called North Pyramid, this is one of the pyramids built by Sneferu, founder of the fourth dynasty in the Old Kingdom. The limestone rocks used to build it give it a rusty red finish. It is the third largest Egyptian pyramid. It used to be coated with white Tura limestone but due to wear and tear, got stripped. Only a few white limestone rocks are found in the pyramid's base.

Top 3: Bent Pyramid (Built c. 2580 BC)

This is the second building Sneferu erected before the Red Pyramid. It has two inclinations. The lower half is built at a 54-degree inclination. The upper half is at a 43-degree inclination. Egyptologists suggest that because the lower half has shown instability during its erection, the builders have built the upper half at a shallower angle to avoid potential collapse.

Top 2: Pyramid of Meidum (Built c. 2580 BC)

Also called Pyramid of Maidum, this is the first pyramid built by Sneferu. It has many mud-brick mastabas or flat-roofed rectangular structures surrounding it. The architect was a successor of Imhotep.

Top 1: Pyramid of Djoser (Built 2667 - 2648 BC) 

The oldest pyramid goes to this very first large-scale cut stone building. Also known as the step pyramid, it serves as the burial temple of Pharaoh Djoser. Imhotep commissioned the erection of the building. Lately, the building is under restoration but the Egyptian government thinks that the company it has hired has done the opposite.

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