It is Memorial Day and you are planning on enjoying the long weekend by hitting the road with your family or friends. If you save money off your car rental, you'd be able to put more funds onto the food and booze. Here are 5 Memorial Day car rental hacks.


If you have money at the moment you are reserving for the car, then pay right away. Prepaying allows you to save more than USD$100. When you prepay though, make sure that your dates are set and you are not changing it. Any change including using the car before and after your dates would guarantee surcharges and additional charges.

Rent in a larger market

Fly to a place where there is an abundance of car rental companies. You'll save more this way. Also, get out of the airport. Don't rent your car from there. Car rental rates there are slapped with taxes and levies. Cab your way to town and rent a car as far from the airport as possible, where prices are lower. When you depart, just drop the car at the airport with no extra cost.

Travel agent first

Before calling that car rental company, consider contacting a travel agent first. Travel agents have a longstanding relationship with car rental companies and are usually honored with generous discounts.

Flash sales

Usually, car rental companies post flash sales on their social media accounts at least 5 days before Memorial Day. Newsletters and travel agencies are also good sources of information. Watch out for a special sale on May 25. If you want to know when the flash sales are all year round, you can ask the company representative of tips. They might answer you.

Be wary of too-good-to-be-true deals

Don't be too attracted to ridiculously low rates of car rentals. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Read the fine print. Yes, the rental might cost USD$3 a day but the insurance is USD$100 daily. Always ask these companies the catch of their ridiculous promo sales.