Disney World has lots of new stuff in store for its spectators this coming summer. These treats include brand new food, entertainment, rides and a special meet and greet session.

Disney World lets families take the roller coaster while it is dark out, makes the interaction with Frozen become a reality, and enables the family to see new shows day and evening time. These experiences are more than what families and visitors of Disney World could ask for as compared to how Disney World used to offer to its visitors, as reported by Travel and Leisure.

Other features and attractions Disney World offers to its visitors now are the following: Giraffe attractions in evening safaris, Force Star Wars fireworks attractions and an enchanting dinner for visitors inside the theme park.

Word has it the Animal Kingdom would be available on Memorial Day weekend during the evening, as also reported by Travel and Leisure. Within the animal kingdom, visitors can take the Expedition Everest, the Kali River Rapids when it is dark outside during the evening time, and go on an exploration of Kilimanjaro Safaris that is surrounded by the beautiful sight of the sunset in the background.

Kids would be entertained by attractions that would give them glee and fun. These attractions are Turtle Walk With Crush and Toy Story Mania. In addition to these attractions, kids are also going to have fun in attractions such as Finding Dory.

The summer guests in Disney World would also enjoy a brand new monorail ride attraction in Shanghai Disneyland. Word has it, though, that Epcot would be offering the screening of the film, "Soarin'" on mid-June.

The new attractions in the Animal Kingdom in Disneyworld would be launched come on May 27, as reported on Disneyparks.disney.go.com. Memorial Day Weekend, thus, allegedly marks the unofficial beginning of summer, according to the same website.