Agreeably, long TSA lines are annoying. The added checks of the Transportation Security Administration make and the process even more antagonizingly longer. Do something about the wait by following these 5 travel tips to avoid airport security hassle.

Avoid Friday afternoon

According to travel statistics, TSA lines at airports are the longest on Friday from 4 to 8pm. Friday afternoons are the times that business travelers return home from business and leisure travelers leave for vacation. Consider traveling earlier or after Friday. Tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays also so, you might want to travel on that day.

Buy an elite flyer perk

If money is not a problem, avail of a flyer perk to one airline. You will enjoy the elite status, the one with a priority line, which is faster and shorter. One other trick is to buy an upgrade. Usually, if you buy an extra seatroom, you will be checked in at a priority security line.

Get Clear, TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

Get expedited clearance when you enroll yourself to these priority services. You will have an expedited priority lane, bypassing long customs queues. TSA PreCheck costs USD$85, Global Entry costs USD$100 and Clear costs USD$179.

Arrive earlier than your flight

No extra cash? No problem. The tried-and-tested way to avoid missing your flight is by arriving way ahead your time of departure. Being early saves the day because you are probably the first in line.

Choose airports wisely

It would be a smart move to pick smaller airports instead of bigger ones when you travel. Smaller airports have shorter lines.

Bonus tip: Keep your phone close

Always download important travel apps on your phone. If you can download your ticket or your plane's mobile provider on your phone, it would be much better. There is also a huge possibility that airlines contact you via mobile phone if there are last-minute announcements.