Summer will be here soonest! Hence, people who love to travel will no doubt take this as an opportunity to go to different places because of the good sunny weather. While it would be nice to go to the beach, it will also be very much fulfilling to visit lovely places aside from the beach.

Chris McGinnis, editor of Best Western’s blog said that this year will be the “busiest summers on record.” Hence, before everyone starts booking their trips and you will be left with none, here are some top summer travel trends for 2016.

1. Road Trips. It would definitely be nice to go on a road trip during summer. Many Americans are expected to hit the road because of low gas prices, improved economy and pent up demand. According to Chris Elliott, the author of How to Be The World’s Smartest Traveler, the increase of road trips are also affected by other reasons that includes the fears of terrorism, the Zika virus, and long security lines in airports that made travelers decide to "stay closer to home" by doing a road trip in America.

2. Canada Will Gain More Visitors. “Canada is going to be a big winner this summer. It’s safe, it’s clean, it’s family friendly, you rarely hear anything about gun violence or terrorism, and with the value of the Canadian dollar as weak as it is, it’s cheap—everything, from hotels to restaurants to shopping and other activities, is 25%-30% off, ” John DiScala said, according to Time Money.

3. Low Airfares. This summer, average fares in June will be $240 dollars and would drop to $211 on August. But you also have to be careful since some of these low airfares are totally deceptive because in the end, you are actually paying more.

4. Overcrowded National Parks. Because of the National Park Service that will turn 100 on August 25, there will be many centennial events and commemorations that will be held at parks throughout the country. Pauline Frommer, editorial director at Frommer’s said that parks will be jammed so if you are planning for a travel like this, you have to make an early reservation.

5. Travel Insurance. Because of the threat on terrorism and the Zika virus, many travelers are acquiring travel insurance especially if their itineraries are expensive. A travel insurance may be expensive but it can certainly give you a peace of mind.