1.      Hairdryer

If you have chosen the best hotel and rely on it for your hairdryer then it's good to leave it behind. If not you may end up with messy hair and have to buy a new one in your destination.

2.      Liquids

Make sure the liquid containers are tightly packed kept in a Ziploc bag. The TSA allows one quart-sized clear plastic bag per passenger. Avoid making these suitcase packing mistakes.

3.      Overlapping Items

Share toothpaste, sunscreen, and other toiletries when you're going on a girl's weekend with old college friends or a vacation with your spouse, cross-check your packing lists to ensure there is minimal overlap.

4.      Anything Irreplaceable

If you must bring along a family heirloom or other invaluable item, stash it in your carry-on.

5.      Medicine Cabinet

All your essential prescriptions must be kept. Beside those, carry a small bag of ibuprofen or aspirin in your handbag .

6.      Two Bathing Suits

For most trips, two is enough. One can dry while you wear the other. But for a longer trip with more adventure and lesser facilities two may not be enough.

7.    TSA Check

The Transportation Security Administration has a ban on containers that are larger than 3.4 ounces. Check the website for a complete list of prohibited items.

8.      Formal Outfit 

Consider your itinerary carefully. If you don't have any formal events, then you most likely won't need formal wear. Same thing goes for stiletto heels and strings of pearls. If there's an event where you'll need these items, you'll most likely know about it in advance.

9.       A Sun Hat

Don't break your sun hat. To pack it safely, fold a shirt and push it into the crown of your hat. Next, pack your heavy clothing, including denim and shoes, into the bottom of your suitcase. Lay your hat on top of these items and pack your folded lighter items around it.

10.      Match

Pack your clothes in outfits and, if you can, aim to match them around a certain color scheme.