Acapulco has a known reputation for being one of the best beach resort towns in Mexico. Found on the Pacific coast of the country, Acapulco benefits from a year round summer like climate. While the beach would be the primary reason tourists flock to this resort city, there are many other ways people can enjoy beautiful Acapulco.

One of the most popular ways visitors can enjoy the water without having to go to the beach is the El Rollo Acapulco water park. The park has multiple attractions that families can enjoy, with a child friendly dolphin show aside from the multiple slides and pools, Travel Pulse reports. The park is not that heavy on the wallet, as well as a family of five can spend the day at the park for roughly $250 USD.

However, the beach is not the only attraction Acapulco offers visitors. If guests wish to stay out of the water for a few hours, the famous Papagayo Park is a popular destination. Papagayo Park is a 49 acre protected wildlife area that offers several varieties of activities for families to enjoy, Lonely Planet states. Admission to the park is free of charge and attractions include a large lake with paddleboats, a petting zoo, as well as an aviary and a restaurant.

The beach is not the only thing that Acapulco is legendary for, the city is also known to have one of the best nightlife scenes in Mexico. The city's nightlife scene usually starts early in the evening around 9:30-10 p.m. local time and can run all the way until the sun comes up, according the city's website

The best thing is that there is a bar in town that will cater to anyone's needs and the drinks will run a reasonable $4-$5 USD. Ladies usually pay less for entrance to these clubs, but there can be times they get in for free depending on the promotion being offered. Guests are actually encouraged to ask their respective hotels about any promotions going on around town.

Travelers, do not forget these attractions when visiting Acapulco.