Travelling with the whole family? Don't fret. With proper planning it is totally doable to have a stress-free and enjoyable vacation. Here are tips from Yahoo Travel:

Charge Your Tech, Have Back-up

Before you start thinking about how electronic devices are ruining this generations lives, be honest and admit that these gadgets come in handy during long trips or when you need some peace and quiet. Ensure tablets have family-friendly games and keep them fully charge. If it's a road trip have a car charger or if flying out keep chargers within reach and bring a power bank or two just to be sure. P.S. don't forget to bring adaptors especially if travelling to other countries.

Have copies of important travel documents

It maybe a photo on your devices or 5 copies of your itinerary, passport, credit cards, and all the other important documents that's with you. Mishaps can happens so it's better to be safe than sorry.

Book wisely

Avoid the crowds and benefit from cheaper fares by scheduling your travel time at the start of the week and early in the morning. Once your early morning flight is booked and if you have young children, put them to bed fully dressed the night before so they're ready to go first thing in the morning.

Ziplocs are lifesavers

Use the bags to protect valuable items at the beach (store your smartphone in one and you'll still be able to use the screen, minus sand and water), for carrying snacks for the little travellers or for disposing of nappies or dirty wipes.

Pre-book everything

If you want to go somewhere where hordes of tourists fall in line to get a ticket make sure you pre-book. Avoid precious time of falling in line by just having the ticket delivered to you or to your hotel. Also, knowing that these places will be packed, plan ahead, download information in your smartphone and keep a handy list of ride opening and show times.