We've all been to a theme park before and generally they're all the same: cotton candy, brilliant colors and standing in lines. What you may not understand is that there are numerous different choices out there for all the more perceiving amusement park cannoisseur. Here are bizarre theme parks around the world.

Alien Apex Resort -- Roswell, New Mexico, USA

There are parts of the world that are known for specific things, and Roswell, New Mexico, is the same. At the point when many people consider Roswell, the first things that pop into their minds are extraterrestrials and UFOs. Believers have been running to Roswell for a considerable length of time, planning to get a look at a flying saucer. And that's why it makes perfect sense to build an amusement park in the middle of thetown.

Dracula's Land -- Transylvania, Romania

Dracula's Land is unlike other amusement parks on this rundown: it is not so much a park but rather it is an entire region transformed into a giant vacation spot. That region is the home of Dracula: Transylvania, Romania, where locals have really grasped their place in fiction. While there, you can be completely creeped out by the palaces and prisons that helped to inspire Bram Stoker's popular novel and also by the lands that the fictional Count and his historical equivalent Vlad the Impaler did dreadful things. You can likewise go snowboarding, much the same as in the book.

Republic of Children -- Manuel B. Gonnet, Argentina

Kids love amusement parks but by being fun, energising and full of cotton candy, theme parks conflict with everything parents have confidence in. That's why it makes sense that the Republic of Children in Argentina features none of those things and instead focuses on teaching children about republican ethics. Exactly what each child needs to do out of town. Official records at the park claim that the Children's Republic was the actual inspiration for Disneyland; yet apparently, Walt chose he'd replace the hard-working kids with short individuals in ridiculous outfits.

Napoleonland -- South of Paris, France

This planned park will honour Napoleon Bonaparte with galleries and notable re-enactments of some of his popular battles and additionally a water show and a re-creation of the beheading of Louis XVI. There is even a proposed ride that guests would ski through the frozen bodies of dead warriors in a war zone.

Amora -- London, England

Opened in 2007, Amora was referred to as London's sex theme park. In spite of the fact that describing itself as a theme park, there are no rides at Amora to talk about and no giant cartoon characters. Rather, you will discover numerous displays, statues and interactive displays like the Spankometer and the Prostate Finder. Amora is described as a hands-on experience. You should possibly assume that a giant container of instant hand sanitiser is important after touching anything at Amora.