Coffey Anderson, a Christian country music singer from Bangs, was singing during a New Year's Eve concert when his son Ethan joined him on stage and danced.

Apparently, Ethan's mom was not able to hold the infant back when he ran towards his father, gave him a hug and started to dance. The audience cheered when the 17-month-old baby moved to the rhythm without a single care in the world. Ethan attempted to return backstage but was obviously drawn to the music his father was playing and decided to go back to the stage again and danced some more. The energetic child did all these while still having a pacifier in his mouth.

'I was playing onstage and my little boy who dances when I play guitar at home, got away from the backstage and stormed the stage,' Coffey posted on Facebook. 'First he hugged me and then he danced like he was free!'

Not only to the delight of the concertgoers, many YouTube viewers also found the incident adorable and cute due to Ethan's innocence and carefree spirit. He perfectly reflects how human beings should be when they listen to joyful music -- wild and free.

The darling video was uploaded the day after New Year and, as of this writing, has garnered 5 million views. It ranked number 15 among the trending videos viewed from Australia last Jan. 18.

Anderson is loved by his fans due to his unique country music infused with pop, Christian, gospel and soul influences. He has released eight albums between the years 2008 and 2013. His album 'Coffey Anderson' ranked No. 134 in the Billboard 200. He manages and owns his own indie label called Coffey Entertainment. Along with Ethan, he has two daughters Savannah Jean and Emmarie Grace-Gloria.