The Tesla Motoring electric vehicle is one car you wouldn't worry where you parked because it can be summoned to the driver's location. This feature is made possible, thanks to the software advancements. It also enables the vehicle to park on its own. These capabilities are available for the Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars.

Elon Musk of Tesla Motors Inc. is looking into upgrading the system of the electric vehicles. Hopefully in the future, owners would be able to beckon the vehicle a thousand kilometres away. Aside from that, the company is studying technologies that will enable the automobile to drive on its own in central America.

'I actually think, and I might be slightly optimistic on this, within two years you'll be able to summon your car from across the country,' Musk said. 'It's more like remote-control parking. But this is the first little step in that direction.'

This feature is made possible, thanks to the wireless key fob. The car will move towards the owner's location without a driver, just like a pet dog. For now, the system is not very effective yet because the vehicle tends to move towards the driver in an excessively careful manner.

Included in the software update is the capability to open or close automated garage doors designed by HomeLink. When parking at your own house, it puts you at ease to know that the car will automatically handle the garage doors for you.

The future is looking into the use of more efficient electric vehicles and self-driving cars. In the last Consumer Electronics Show, many companies have showcased prototypes of these automated cars that rely on electricity for power. They say that these vehicles will be readily available soon at an affordable price.