Panglao is a part of Bohol that has been recognized by several travel magazines and by other blog articles as one of the places with the best crystal-clear and white-sand beaches.

The island has been known to Asian traders from China, Malaysia and Indonesia. History has it that Panglao got its name when the Spanish explorers, during the early 1800's, found their way to the island in search for a fresh water source.

According to Bohol Life Tours, the Spaniards asked some local fishermen while on the seashore the name of the island. Not quite sure what the Spaniards were asking, one of the fishermen answered 'panggaw,' a fishing device that was being made at the time of the conversation. Since then, it was assumed the island's name is 'Panggaw'. From this, the name Pang was born.

Aside from the unlimited swimming and sunbathing you can get when in Panglao, what other activities can you actually do in the place? Here are some of them as enumerated by VirtualTourist.

Have a Panglao Island day tour.

Most of the day tours that are available in Panglao last for six hours. In that span of time, you are already able to visit several places that are considered as must-visits. These places include the Bohol Bee FarmHinagdanan CaveDauis ChurchBohol Coco FarmNova Sea Shell Museum and Alona White Sandy Beach. These spots have helped boost the tourism in the area and have provided numerous residents with a job.

Do some scuba diving and island hopping.

Yes, it still involves the sea, but it actually is something that allows you to explore the beauty of the world underwater. The island of Panglao is surrounded by beautiful corals. Here you will be able to see marine creatures, even at night. Yes, there are tour agencies in the area that offer night-diving sessions using different equipment for night dive.

If you are not into diving, then you can go island hopping instead. Visit Balicasag and Virgin islands. The Balicasag Island is an hour and a half travel by lansa from Panglao. You can have picnic in this island and feed the colourful fish in their marine sanctuary. There are stores in the island that offers to cook your ordered lunch while you enjoying basking in the sun or snorkelling. If you are up to some trekking to walking, then you can go ahead and also visit the lighthouse, which is roughly 5 minutes from the shore.

The Virgin Island, on the other hand, is quite an effort to visit. You have to make sure you are visiting the island on a high tide as the island is a struggle to invade during low tide. This is maybe one of the reasons why they call this island as such.

Go dolphin watching.

Dolphin watching is also possible in Panglao Island. It is best to do this activity early in the morning. The dolphin watching is located near Balicasag Island. Here, you will witness dolphins swimming and flipping, as if happy to see you. If you are lucky enough to have a guide that is a go-getter, you might find yourselves chasing dolphins.

On the other hand, if you are getting more and more adventurous, you can also head to Oslob (yes, from Panglao) and do whale watching. The travel takes about two to three hours, depending on the weather and sea conditions.