A lipstick carrying Drake's name has sold out within hours after it was released.

Tom Ford, American film director and fashion designer, made available his second lipstick from the Lips & Boys collection and decided to name the shade after the Canadan recording artist who brought us Hotline Bling.

The lipstick shade originally costs $35 but all stocks have been sold yet the overwhelming demand prompted some sellers to cash in on the opportunity and auction the Drake lipstick at $118 through online sales eBay. Normally, lipsticks are sold at around $50 which means there really is a hype regarding the one named after the Canadian rapper.

Ford's collection has over 50 shades which contains 25 new plus 25 classic colours named after men who has made an impact in the director designer's life. The ad for the Lips & Boys lipstick collection shows women applying different lipstick shades to brighten their lips before kissing their male partners. The original set was released last 2014 but it was only until now that Drake's shade was included.

Other celebrities that bore lipstick names in Ford's collections are actor Jake Gyllenhaal and former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Soft pink colour corresponds to Gyllenhaal while a metallic violet shade is attributed to Malik.

The lipstick that bears Drake name has a shade of metallic violet. This is a tribute to Drake since one of the rapper's song entitled 'Tuscan Leather' is inspired by Ford's designer cologne.

 'I love seeing a woman in a man's suit. Why not have a lipstick named after a man?' Ford posted on Twitter.

Even Drake was astonished by the fact that the lipstick ran out of stocks within a few minutes after it made available for sale. He even joked about it in Instargam and posted 'My mom bought all of them. Hey Ma.'

Just so everyone knows, Drake's real name is actually Aubrey Drake Graham.