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Blanco River Flash Floods Reach Historic Levels, Residents Evacuate With 350 Homes Flooded, I-35 Closes

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Updated: May 24, 2015 02:27 PM EDT

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The Blanco River flash floods from Saturday night to early Sunday morning brought water levels reaching up to 40 feet, breaking a 1929 record of flooding in Central Texas. The high level of water surprised hundreds of Wimberley residents, forcing evacuation.

This morning, the harsh Blanco River flash flood has moved downstream toward the San Marcos River.

Rescues are still ongoing after at least 350 families were flooded from the unexpected waters.

Earlier this morning, the National Weather Service's river gauge at Wimberley reportedly peaked above 40 feet, however the sensor has remained unresponsive since.

Apart from the Blanco River flash flood, there is also rapid rise in water levels in the Blanco River at Kyle and San Marcos after a "flood wave" transferred downstream, according to the NWS. As a result, the river near San Marcos rose up to 5 feet in a span of only 15 minutes.

Numerous road closures and water rescues in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro also happened due to the major flooding. Other areas with road closures include Arlington, Grand Prairie, Johnson and Ellis Counties, according to The Weather Channel.

The high-water rescues reached up to 50 since the Blanco River flash flood began.

Interstate 35 has been closed in both directions after the Blanco River flash flood brought water on to the roadway

East of San Marcos, State Highway 80 was also blocked because water reached over the bridge already. There is also "waterborne debris" which has struck the bridge structure, according to the NWS.

The Blanco River flash flood is only among a number of flash flooding across the U.S., which include parts of Texas, Oklahoma and western Arkansas. Over the past three weeks torrential rains has befallen the region already.

There have been countless water rescues, as well as several tornadoes Saturday evening.

Those living in low-lying areas were already warned and told to seek higher ground as soon as possible, reported KVUE.

Some homes are already underwater, and many residents fear losing their properties and businesses, according to My Fox Austin.

The Blanco River flash flood waters have already receded by early morning, but people are afraid of what they might see of their town's remains.

As many as 208 low-water crossings were reported closed by4:30 a.m. Sunday, according to For a full list, click here.

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