Making summer or Spring break plans?  Think about going to Austin, Texas!  The city is known as a music center with vibrant young nightlife.  Some may call it the Live Music Capital of the World with the frequent concerts and regular music events happening at various venues around town. 

But, Austin has more to offer than just music.  Located just outside the city is a natural pool known as Hamilton Pool.  Thousands of years ago this pool was formed when the roof over an underground river collapsed, opening the pool up to the surface.  Now it is a place for locals to come and relax in.  

The waters are a blue/green hue, and about half of the pool is underneath a large roof of the cave, keeping the water cool and offering shade. Large rocks and boulders line the side of the pool, making for cool spots to sit and dip your feet in the water. A nearby river creates a waterfall in the pool as it falls off of the cave wall into the water below.

Some people bring inflatable tubes and float in the water looking up at the cavern ceiling.  Others bring chairs and towels and just sit on the edge of the water and take in the sun.   

From the parking lot you can access the pool by a short rive trail walk.  Granted the trail is steep and stony in some parts so sturdy shoes would be recommended for the hike down.  Sometimes, due to heavy rainfall or high bacteria levels the pool is closed off to swimmers, so if you want to swim call up ahead of time to see if it safe to swim.  You will still be allowed to hike down to the pool.  Space is limited at the park, so the best time to visit is earlier in the morning.   Plus, you won't have the hot Texas sun beating down on you as you walk to the pool, but maybe that would make jumping into the cool waters more refreshing!