Stacey Addison Veterinarian -Stacey Addison, a veterinarian from Portland, Oregon was detained for almost two months in an East Timor prison before finally being released this week, reports FOX News. Stacey Addison, veterinarian, 41, was arrested in September after entering East Timor in a cab that she rode with a man she did not know.

Apparently, the man asked the taxi driver to stop at a DHL office so he could get a package from the branch. As the taxi crossed the border, police stopped the vehicle and found methamphetamine in the package. Stacey Addison, veterinarian, along with the man, was arrested in the Southeast Asian country.

Authorities at East Timor found out that Addison had no criminal record, apart from her urine test turning out negative for drugs. However, authorities decided to continued their investigation of the involvement of Stacey Addison, veterinarian.

Addison later hired a lawyer, reports the Latin Post. The lawyer said the investigation could take up to a year.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., have been working hard to secure Addison's release.

While Stacey Addison, veterinarian, was released a few days later, she was imprisoned again on Oct. 29 before being released Wednesday.

Bernadette Kero, her mother, is hopeful that this time, her release is for good. Kero had not seen or spoken to her daughter in weeks.

On Christmas Eve, Kero, from Klamath Falls, received a call from the U.S. Embassy in the capital city Dili from Addison's lawyer. He said he was on his way to pick up Stacey Addison, veterinarian from prison.

By Wednesday night, Kero finally heard her daughter's voice once again, a seemingly perfect Christmas gift.

"I'm in disbelief," she said Thursday. "During the night, I woke up - I thought I dreamt it."

"She looks so different from just two weeks ago," Kero recalled at the courthouse in Dili.

As of the current moment, the return of Stacey Addison, veterinarian, depends on getting back her passport, which has not yet been returned.

According to Kero, as told to The Oregonian, she didn't know when the passport would be returned.

However, she added, "I'm looking forward to having her be able to come home. After this, she's coming home."

In the meantime, Kero wrote via Facebook that her daughter Stacey Addison, the veterinarian, is staying at the guest house of East Timor's former President, Jose Ramos-Horta, according to The Oregonian. Ramos-Horta is also a Nobel Laureate.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., on the other hand said he was "overjoyed" at the news of Addison's release. He added that he would not stop working to have her return to Oregon.

"Dr. Addison and her family will surely have a much happier holiday this year," Merkley said in a statement. "I deeply appreciate the cooperation and assistance of Timor-Leste's government in securing her release."

"Both Timor-Leste Ambassador Sarmento Alves and U.S. Ambassador Karen Stanton have been great partners in this effort," he added.

Stacey Addison, veterinarian, reportedly still has a few other countries to go to within six months of her round-the-world trip that was cut short. She began her trip since January 2013.

There is a Facebook page called "Help Stacey," which Kero has been keeping active for friends and family to stay updated on her daughter's status in East Timor.

"This is the best Christmas present ever," Kero wrote on Facebook.