Miranda Hart Christmas Special - For the BBC1 show's Christmas special, writer and star Miranda Hart returned as her awkward alter-ego and brought quite the cheers into living rooms, according to Radio Times.

Apparently, a seasonal survey has found that the BBC sitcom "Miranda," with the Miranda Hart Christmas Special, is the show which most respondents were looking forward to watching Christmas Day.

There is speculation that part of people's high level of excitement with the Miranda Hart Christmas Special is the fact that Miranda Hart is bidding farewell to her eponymous character.

"Miranda," the silly, conventional show with a great cast and a pleasing star, has reportedly become a huge hit for the BBC.

The finale, the last episode to air on New Year's Day, is a two-parter. The Miranda Hart Christmas Special meanwhile picks up where the third series left off, two men proposing to Miranda. Those two men include love of her life Gary, played by Tom Ellis, and nice guy Mike, portrayed by Bo Poraj, reports The Telegraph.

This Miranda Hart Christmas Special episode did not disappoint, says The Independent. With a hint of mushiness, it still delivered since it is the holidays.

Miranda chose Gary, and fans knew this. However, much of the Miranda Hart Christmas Special followed Miranda's relationship with best friend Stevie, played by Sarah Hadland.

Stevie began feeling left out as Miranda acquired the ring on her finger, which was but just a snack with a hole in the middle. Most of the gags came from their verbal interplay as usual.

"Miranda's" calling card is slapstick, and the Miranda Hart Christmas Special wasn't amiss of this when the protagonist got her scarf attached to a woman's jacket, got dragged up an escalator at a shopping mall, all while straddling the moving rail. There were also reprises of famous pratfalls from previous episodes which served the special episode well. Of these included several disrobing, with Miranda ending up in her pants.

Tonight's drama in the Miranda Hart Christmas Special is a reminder really of what a fine actor Miranda Hart is, according to The Independent.

The reviewer at The Independent praised how the actress managed to almost bring about tears in a scene where Hart encourages Avril to hold her soon-to-be-adopted baby.

The festive atmosphere of the Miranda Hart Christmas Special didn't go without Jenny Lee. Vanessa Redgrave, who does the series' voice-over, appeared at the beginning as an elderly Jenny, adding to the joy of the episode just by her mere presence. There were also some flashes of comedy elsewhere in the Miranda Hart Christmas Special. One was in the form of Sister Monica Joan, who in the early stages of dementia said, "I require a tree, it should neither be too slender nor too squat, equal symmetry and smell pleasingly of pine".

Christianity was never off the agenda too, especially that there was a convent present. The Miranda Hart Christmas Special then followed Cynthia agonising over whether to join the order.

For the Miranda Hart Christmas Special, as well as the show's New Year finale, Hart has reportedly spoken of how she was going to inject more pathos than usual. The Miranda Hart Christmas Special however ended with a cliffhanger when Gary got cold feet about the whole nuptials. He claimed Miranda was just too needy.

The very last half hour of the Miranda Hart Christmas Special showed Miranda jilted, heading into the end with no fiancé and engagement ring. They could still kiss and make up in the final episode, but there's also the possibility that she'll give Mike another chance after all.

The Miranda Hart Christmas Special has left viewers with a sense of assurance that everything is right with the world, as described by The Independent. How the next series will proceed without Jessica Raine is yet to be seen.

"Miranda" is on BBC One on New Year's Day at 8.00 p.m.