The Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton odd coupling is over. News of the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton split was first to reported by People

The unconventional couple are known for being such, with both residing in two adjoining houses in Belsize Park, London. The Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton self-confessed 'bonkers couple' have lived next door to each other with their children, Billy Ray, 10, and Nell, 7.

"The houses are joined," Carter explained at the time they were still a couple.

"He always visits, which is really touching. He's always coming over. We have a throughway. Journalists think there's an underground tunnel, gothic. It's actually quite above ground, lots of light.'

She admitted, however, they only share a bed 'sometimes' because of 'a snoring issue'", she added.

"I talk, he snores. The other thing is, he's an insomniac, so he needs to watch television to get to sleep. I need silence," said Carter.

Though Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton's odd ways have kept the couple together for more than a decade, E! News confirms the two have called it quits after 13 years as a pair. They have never married but they have two children together.

The Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton separation was reportedly amicable.

The split came "earlier this year and [the two] have continued to be friends and co-parent their children," Carter's rep told PEOPLE exclusively. "We would ask that you respect their privacy and that of their children during this time." 

In 2001, the 56-year-old director and the 48-year-old actress met while on the set of "Planet of the Apes." Burton directed the film.

"You were the first person I thought of to play a chimpanzee," Burton told Carter at the time.

After the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton relationship came to be, the couple have continued their working relationship. They have been in collaboration for films such as 2003's "Big Fish," 2005's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," 2007's "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," 2010's "Alice in Wonderland" and 2012's "Dark Shadows."

Carter have since morphed from a self-acclaimed "corset bimbo" into playing darker roles, described the Daily Mail.

The actress is now reprising her role as the Red Queen in the upcoming film "Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass,"of which Burton is also producing.

According to reports, after news of the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton relationship, Carter's public image was transformed. She also became increasingly known for her bizarre style in clothing.


"I feel like I have a reputation to keep," Carter once said of her eccentric getups. "I have a responsibility now to dress badly - so it's kind of liberating."

It appears that the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton relationship whilst working with her partner can take its toll.

"It's not without its pressures, working with Tim," Carter said in 2010 after the first "Alice in Wonderland fil."

On October 2013, Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton found themselves caught up in the center of infidelity reports. A very grainy photo reportedly appeared in the New York Post, allegedly showing Burton kissing a mystery blonde, who is thought to be one of his assistants near his home in Hampstead.

At the time of the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton controversy, Carte instantly jumped to her partner's defense.

"This is absolutely nonsense," a rep for the actress told E! News at the time. "The pictures were taken whilst they were out and the large group includes family, friends and work colleagues."

In June, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, with their two children, attended the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion at Universal Orlando Resort, and Carter told PEOPLE Burton simply represented "love." 


Alas, not everything is meant to be even with love. It appears the stress has caught up with Helena after she was seen appearing disheveled last week.

It reportedly isn't the first time a Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton concern has been raised about her wellbeing.

"Helena was very upset at the Chequers party earlier this month hosted by Samantha Cameron," according to a friend. "Other guests noticed she was in a bad way. She is really upset. It's all still very raw and they only told the children two weeks ago."

Another friend said of the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton breakup, "Tim is having a classic mid-life crisis. All Helena's friends think he's a terrible old cliche. Helena gave him a lot of time to sort himself out."

"He's a partner in our private life, but when he's directing, he's the boss. And maybe I confuse that," added the friend.

In 2005, Bonham Carter, great-granddaughter of Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, have described the Burton as being on the autistic spectrum.

"Tim will kill me, but while making this drama I realised he has a bit of Asperger's in him, you start recognising the signs. We were watching a documentary about autism and he said that was how he felt as a child," said Carter.

Burton will reportedly be releasing his first directorial live-action feature in 13 years without Carter in it. The film "Big Eyes" will be out this week. It stars Amy Adams in the lead role.

Before the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton coupling, Burton had been married to German-born artist Lena Gieseke for four years. The couple split in 1991 after he moved in with model and actress Lisa Marie Smith.

Bonham Carter on the other hand had been dating Sir Kenneth Branagh while he was still married to Emma Thompson. Their relationship began after both starred in 1994 film on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. However, the two separated in 1999.

The former couple were professionally reunited earlier this year after Branagh directed her the Disney film Cinderella, where Carter starrs as the fairy godmother.

Revelation of the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton breakup comes after Carter left a party in the early hours of Friday morning without Burton, but with PR man Matthew Freud's Christmas Party. They also left alongside Angus Deayton and his wife.

However, on Saturday, before the Helena Bonham Carter Tim Burton split, she and Burton spent the Saturday together and attended a production of "Cats" in the West End. According to the Sunday Times Rich List last year, the couple had a combined wealth of £80million.