So, you went to Europe recently, and fell in love with whatever country you visited.  Am I right??  We can all be amazed by the old world charm or the bustling cities that manage to preserve the cultural habits.  We sit in the park or at the café table and wonder why life at home is not like this.  We think how can we make our life more European.  Well, here are some steps to making yourself feel more European.

I think the most important key of bringing Europe home with you is finding a little coffee shop, bakery, or even café and making it yours.  It seems that most Europeans have their favorite café that they go to everyday.  They know the owners, and they know other patrons.  While, you don't have to go everyday, make yours a favorite.  Go once a week (or more if you want), get to know the owners or the people who work there.  

Another important aspect, most households always have fresh bread on hand.  Whether it is from the local panaria or the bakery.  To most non-Europeans it is part of this romantic feeling of living in Europe.  You may be able to find a panaria near you, but if not try a bakery or maybe even a small cafe.  If you have a local farmer's market, there might be a stall selling warm breads!

Thirdly, shop with reusable bags.  This may not seem like the best way to bring Europe home, but did you notice everyone grocery shops with reusable bags.  Once you start using them, you will appear more European because you are participating in the same cultural aspects that they are.  Sounds strange, I know, but give it a try!

If you can, walk places.  This may work out better if you live in a large city, where having to move your car is pain and walking is just easier.  The Europeans walk everywhere: to the store, to the bakery, to the café.  So when you get a chance, walk instead of driving.

Lastly, the Europeans take more time in their life.  They do not rush around from one place to the other, but they also don't dilly dally around.  They take time in their day to sit down and relax.  They take in their city as the walk to their destination.  Try to focus more on what surrounds you than where you are going.  Eventually, you will start to have the relaxed feeling that Europeans have about them.