Greece has so many wonderful foods to try, like any place really! Many we are familiar with like Spinach Pie (Spanakopita) or Baklava. But Greece has so much more to offer.   Here are some must tries to have while in Greece.

1. Frappe

This is an extremely popular iced coffee drink in Greece.  It is nothing like the frappe that I know you are thinking about-the one from Starbucks.  It is just milk, sugar, and coffee shaken together until frothy.  Walk by any café and you will see that at most tables at least one person is sipping on a frappe while relaxing and chatting.  There are three ways to order it: sweet, medium-sweet, or not sweet at all.  Greeks suggest if trying it for the first time go with medium-sweet.  It will not be as bitter as the unsweetened version and the sweetened version can sometimes be too sweet for first time drinkers.

2. Loukoumades

These are a sweet dessert made of fried balls of pastry dough.  They are then soaked in honey and topped with cinnamon and nuts.  They are best served hot as they melt in your mouth.  Interestingly, these were served to the winners of the Ancient Olympics. Through out the Mediterranean area countries like Egypt and Turkey have their own varieties of Loukoumades.


While this is not a food, it is considered the best place to get souvlaki in Athens, Greece.  It is a small (very small) local, family owned restaurant.  They only make 300 a day, so it is first come, first serve. The owners are behind the counter making the souvlaki fresh to order in front of you.  What is souvlaki you ask? Well, wrapped in a warm pita is tomato, red onion, feta, parsley, tzatziki sauce, and chicken.    

4. Greek Delight

We all know Greek Delight's counterpart, Turkish Delight.  Mainly because of centuries of feuds with the Turks, there is no such thing as Turkish Delight in Greece, it is Greek Delight.   Typically, Turkish Delight is rose flavored, but the Greeks use primarily honey and walnut in theirs.  But you can get Greek Delight in any flavor, really.  Give it a try, you might like it better.

5. Ouzo

This is a popular drink in Greece.  People will gather around with friends and a mix of mezedes (different little snacking foods like marinated anchovies, fried cheeses, bread and tzatziki sauce) and ouzo and talk the night away.  Ouzo is an anise-licorice based liquor that tastes like you guessed it, licorice.  It is typically mixed with water and ice.  It has a very strong licorice taste, so if you don't like that flavor you might want to stay away. 

Of course there are plenty of other Greek foods out there waiting for you to try. Whether you try a new dish or something you are already familiar with it will be better just because you are in Greece.