Part of the fun of traveling, is finding a little spot that is all yours.  Whether you sit there and take in the beauty of the area, the interactions of the people, or the cultural flare this place is where you like to waste away your afternoon reflecting and enjoying life.  Here are some spots to check out the next time you travel.

Cape Sounion, Athens, Greece: Temple of Poseidon

The time to visit is at sunset.  The best place is a rocky area next to the temple.  You can sit on the ledge with your feet dangling over the rock and look down at the Aegean Sea below you dotted with sailing boats.  The moon reflects in the water and the sky is variety of soft hues of blue, pink, purple.  The breeze blows gently through your hair and the sea laps at the rocks.  This spot is tranquil and beautiful and naturally lends itself to the perfect spot for reflection.

Auckland, New Zealand: One Tree Hill

This is a large park in the city of Auckland.  And as the name suggest there is hill in the middle- quite a large one too! The park is filled with multiple walking trails through fields, grass, and up the hill.  Sheep casually graze in the fields around the hill.  At the top you can see the entire city below you.  The breeze feels like it could blow you over; yet, there is a sense of calm looking down at the busy city. 

San Francisco, California: Golden Gate Bridge

Underneath the Bridge, nestled at the bottom of Presido Park, is a beach that is fairly unvisited.  You can walk along the beach with your thoughts to yourself and the Bridge in your view.  If it is foggy--even better.  It adds a mystical feeling to your walk.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg: Adolphe Bridge

Under the Adolphe Bridge is a gorge filled with trees and stone steps.  Vines crawl through the stones and moss grows on the paths.  Trees shade the entire valley.  Walking through is like entering into a fairyland.   It is cool and shady, perfect for walking around and letting your mind wander. 

Paris, France: Jardin Saint-Gilles Grand

 Tucked away in Paris, away from the hustle and bustle is a small little green spot.  While there are usually a lot of people, there are always spots open on the benches or in the grass.  You can sit there and enjoy the afternoon, reflecting on the French culture.