Jimmy Fallon net worth might take a bit of a nosedive after announcing an extended paternity leave. The renowned funny man has taken days off his "Tonight Show" to bond with his second daughter, Little Frances. This is Fallon's third day off the show that could make him lose what could have been thousands added to his upcoming pay check.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jimmy Fallon's net worth is at $25 million. The "Tonight Show" has an annual salary of $11 million a year. Before becoming a well-known comedian for late night shows, he had been a stand-up act after college in New York. Before nabbing his own show, Fallon was part of "Saturday Night Live."

While Jimmy Fallon's net worth is incredibly high for a comedian and television producer, he reportedly gets $3 million less in salary compared to Jay Leno. Daily Mail reports that after replacing Leno on the show, rather than receive $15 million annually, producers cut it to only $12 million a year.

"Congratulations Jimmy. I hope you're as lucky as me and hold on to the job until you're the old guy. If you need me, I'll be at the garage," says Leno after he was cut off the "Tonight Show" and replaced with Fallon.

Even if the $3 million was cut off the original salary, Jimmy Fallon's net worth certainly doubled this year. However, it could take a slight nosedive after Fallon announced his third day of leave from the show. In celebration of his daughter's birth, Fallon had applied for an extended paternity leave.

Tapings for "Tonight Show" have already been cancelled for Wednesday and Thursday. Obviously, Fallon is having a gall of a good time with his second daughter, Little France, born via surrogate. Fallon's other daughter is named Winnie Rose while his wife's name is Nancy Juvonen. Looks like Jimmy Fallon's net worth isn't much of a priority with his family on the line.