Chet Hanks' dating life has created a buzz recently after it was revealed that his girlfriend is no other than "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Hazel E. So is the young couple still rapping on the same pace?

Chet Hanks dating relationship created a huge buzz late September when the media exposed that his girlfriend may be "Love & Hip Hollywood" star Hazel E.

In September, WetPaint divulged that Chet Hanks was "pretty Chummy" with the female rapper and that the twosome really enjoy clubbing in L.A. together.

The rumor that Chet Hanks is dating Hazel E further intensified when both parties began to post couple selfies on their separate Instagram accounts.

One time Hazel, who is a former celebrity publicist, was spotted leaving Emerson night club in Hollywood with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's son, according to FashionTimes.

Chet Hanks' date with Hazel E that night was reportedly very sweet as they were seen dancing playfully and holding hands throughout their time at the club.

Of course, the speculation on their possible real-life romance was pushed aside while Hazel was filming for the reality show. After all, around that time, she made a bold move on the series by making her friends with benefits, Yung Berg, into her full-time boyfriend.

In October when she formally broke up from Berg, when she was asked to label her relationship with Chet Hanks, Hazel said, "I'm not so quick to put titles on things these days. He's a friend of mine, a very new friend of mine. He's a talented guy he comes from an epic family, of course." She continued, "We're playing together and we might we (sic) work. I don't necessarily want to put everything all in one basket again so me and Chet are friends and we're hanging out and it's fun right now."

Interestingly, while no recent update on Chet Hanks' dating relationship with Hazel E is out yet, Chet revealed this week that he is now "50 days clean and sober from everything, including alcohol," People has learned.

In a short video he uploaded on Instagram, Chet (born Chester M. Hanks) gushed, "Finally at the age of 24 I decided to get some help. With 50 days of sobriety under my belt, I can honestly say I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm thankful for my family and everybody that cares about me, including my fans. I've been blessed with the programs of AA and NA which allow me to rise above this disease. I'm learning to accept my faults and be ok." 

He also wrote, "I've been struggling with substance abuse since I was 16 years old," alongside the clip.