Visiting London can be exhausting trying to see everything. All that walking and standing can you make you very hungry too! So why not head over to Borough Market to relax and to take in the amazing food culture London has to offer. It is also the perfect place for foodies to taste the London food culture!

Located in the Southwark neighborhood and right off of the Thames River (about a five minute walk to the riverside), the market is easy to find. Granted it's huge (14,000 sq feet) and everyone in the area is probably going there, it would be hard to not find. Personally, the easiest way to get there is by the underground, which conveniently has a stop right across from the market, the London Bridge Underground Station. On the market's website there is an entire page dedicated to getting there whether you go by car, metro, or bike.

Borough Market is London's biggest and most renowned food market. It offers fresh quality products that the market prides itself in. There are food items from around the world as well as British goods. There is everything from spices and herbs to butchers and fish stalls, including many vendors that sell food and drink. You think of something, there is probably a stall or two selling it. There are food items that you would have never thought of, like ice cream made from goat's milk. Why not! So grab a traditional English Pims and start exploring the 143 stalls!

Venders are more than happy to let you try everything at their stall, and I do mean everything. Some people have tried every flavor of that goat's milk ice cream. They just want people to be as excited about food and flavors as they are and to enjoy themselves at the market. Stop and talk to the venders about their products and methods. They want you to know why they have a passion for food.

In all honesty, if you sample everything, you will most likely be full before you even choose what vendor you would buy lunch from! But that's okay because it gives you an excuse to come back tomorrow.... and the day after!

Check out the Borough Market website for more information, recipes, and all the vendors!!