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Arsh Shah Dilbagi: Wonder Teen, First To Develop Device Converting Breath To Speech At Google Science Fair [PICS + VIDEO]

Travelers Today       By    Althea Serad

Updated: Sep 15, 2014 04:56 AM EDT

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Arsh Shah Dilbagi is a 16-year-old boy from Panipat region in Haryana, India, and he is the first teen in the world to develop a device for people with speech ailments. According to multiple reports, Arsh Shah Dilbagi debuted his device named "Talk" at the Google Science Fair Challenge 2014, a device which converts breath into speech.

According to India Today, Arsh Shah Dilbagi is the first ever teen and the only finalist from Asia to enter the 2014 Google's Global Science Fair for developing a device that helps people with developmental disabilities.

The International Business Times reports that "Talk" is the official entry of Arsh Shah Dilbagi to the fair. Not only is the device extremely beneficial for people with developmental disabilities, it is also an affordable alternative to the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices sold in the market today.

People with disabilities such as "Locked-In Syndrome" and "ALS" will now be able to communicate using only their breath with this device invented by Arsh Shah Dilbagi.

According to Arsh Shah Dilbagi, "Talk" uses signals from a person's breath via Morse code. The code is picked up by a sensor and is converted into speech.

Arsh Shah Dilbagi is popularly known as Robo, reports the IBTimes. He is a 12th grade student at the DAV Public School in Panipat and is aptly well-known in the science circles in India.

In 2012, Dilbagi was even honoured by the then President of India, Pratibha Patil, for developing a working prototype of an Autonomous UGV. In 2010, he also won the Indian Robot Olympiad at the National Level and in 2011, the Regional Level. In the same year, he Arsh Shah Dilbagi won the First Lego League at the Regional Level.

Dilbagi said about 1.4% people in the world have developmental disabilities. He used this fact as a motivation to aspire in changing the world. According to the IBTimes, Arsh Shah Dilbagi, he developed "Talk" as a resourceful and innovative alternative to the current AAC devices, which makes use of still-function muscle of users or the track movement of their eyes to get signal for communication.

Arsh Shah Dilbagi reportedly claims "Talk" to be the world's fastest and cheapest AAC device. The device is, according to India Today, a kind utilized by famous physicist Stephen Hawking.

According to Dilbagi, not all people with motor-neuro disabilities can afford an AAC device. One device could reportedly cost as much as $7,000. He explained how expensive, slow, bulky and not generic, the devices can be. reports that this "Talk" device by Arsh Shah Dilbagi only costs $80, making it affordable and available to a wider set of audience as compared to similar products which uses different technologies.

Arsh Shah Dilbagi is a student of DAV International School in Panipat, and he said the device has two modes - one which communicates in English, and the other which provides specific commands and phrases. He said the commands are communicated via nine different voices which can even be enabled according to gender and age.

Arsh Shah Dilbagi said his hope is that with "Talk", the world would simply "more connected for those 100 million people who are in need of such a device". He calls the device the "world's first and only wearable AAC device."

Meanwhile, Dilbagi's current wish is to make "Talk" even more intelligent and accessible with a more compact circuit board, reports the IBTimes. Through these further developments, "Talk" will become more efficient, lighter and portable.

He also wants to add auto-predictions to his computing engine and integrate "Talk" with modern technology like Google Glass to make it easier for people with development disabilities.

Arsh Shah Dilbagi added that more than anything else, he hopes that the world would be "a better place to live" in.

According to, Dilbagi told The Times of India that his future goal for "Talk" is to add auto-predictions as well as integrating Talk's functions with "Google Glass."

Arsh Shah Dilbagi is a proclaimed fan of applied science and reports say he will be requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Health Minister Harshvardhan to his device to be included for a wide release in India.

For more information about "Talk" and its development, click here and to vote, click here.

Meanwhile, to see Dilbagi explaining "Talk" in detail, a video is provided below.

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