Flying is fun and exciting the first few times, but after a while, you get tired of looking at the clouds and need something to make the flight go by quicker. This is where your carry on comes in!

Whether you fly once a week or once every few years, packing your carry-on bag is an art. You want to have a small enough bag that it isn't a pain to carry throughout the airport, however you also want to have enough things to keep you entertained during your flight. For years we've had the on going battle between too much and not enough.

So here are some items that will hopefully make your flying experience a little more enjoyable, without the shoulder and back pain.

1.) Earphones or plugs:

There is nothing worse than having a screaming baby on your plane or hearing someone get motion sickness. You may also struggle with flight anxiety. Listening to relaxing music or an audio book you love may be able to help you cope with your phobia. And forget to get comfortable earphones, that fit you well and don't cause ear aches. You don't want to spend your whole flight shoving something in your ear or taking it out because of the pain.

There are four different types of earphones and you can learn more about them using this link. Use this to help you zone out into your entertainment device or help you catch some Z's.

2.) A good book or a couple magazines:

Books are the best for plane rides because this is an extended amount of time to be able to read that book you've been dying to read, but haven't had a chance. You're not allowed to be on your electronic device during takeoff or landing, but you are allowed to have a good old fashioned book.

Are you out of the loop on good books? Maybe you're already at the airport and forgot to bring your favorite book? Never fear! Many airports have bookstores that usually stage sections for bestsellers or popular books. If that's not your cup of tea look at each section by the genres you love and pick the most appealing. You can even ask the staff and see what they recommend.

3.) Over-the-counter medication:

Whether you need something for your air sickness or just something to get you to sleep, bringing whatever medication you think you need is very important. You never know when you'll get a headache or your food won't settle right. Bring some of your most used medications, so you can have some relief and not sit in pain during your long flight.

The airplane is basically a giant flying petri dish. Dozens of people are breathing the same air, coughing, sneezing and carrying bacteria, that can easily be passed to you. Taking an Airborne before the flight and having it with you during, can stave off most common illnesses and allow you to enjoy your travel without having to fight off a cold. A sleep aid is also suggested for light sleepers and for people with a flight phobia.

See this link for some over the counter medication suggestions.

4.) Food and water:

Airplane food is awful, and everyone knows it. Be prepared to be disappointed on the plane and bring some of your favorite easy to pack snacks. Make sure to buy a big bottle of water at the airport as well, so you don't have to keep constantly asking the flight attendant for a refill for your way too tiny cup of water.

Bringing snacks from home through airport security is allowed. However, the food must be properly wrapped and sealed. See this link for more details.

If you forgot to bring some snacks, it's an easy fix! Just buy some at the airport. And if you fear of feeling greasy and bloated from eating the snacks or you want something that will hold you over, buy an airport sandwich, salad or any restuarant food in the airport.

5.) Small toiletries:

After a flight, you don't want to look or smell like you've been packed in a flying human sardine can, especially if your doing business travel. Bring some face wipes or a small wash cloth to refreshen your face. Keep some deodorant in your carry-on to smell pleasant and feel confident, that you're not stepping into a country with people talking about your stench in a language you can't understand.

Bring whatever essentials you will want and need on your flight. You want to feel as fresh and as happy as you were when you first came onto the plane. Sure, flying suppose to get you where you're going, but there's no rule saying it can't be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.