Giant crack in Mexico taken via drone last week showed incredible footage which left some scientists and locals stunned. According to multiple reports, the giant crack in Mexico is estimated to be about 26ft (8m) deep, stretching almost one kilometre long. It emerged in a remote farmland in northwest Mexico.

The trench opened up last week and caused Highway 26 between Hermosillo and the coast in the north of the country to separate, according to

The video showcasing the giant crack in Mexico shows it to be 16ft (5m) wide in some parts.

The Independent reports that the footage was shot using a camera attached to a drone device. It was reportedly controlled by Hermosillo Desde El Cielo.

Spectacular footage of the giant crack in Mexico takes viewers along the entire stretch of the trench, also showcasing some vehicles stopped beside the crack. A part of the video also shows a green tractor driving away from the scene.

People in the footage appear to be discussing the giant crack in Mexico. reports that puzzlement over the crack has caused some to speculate that an earthquake at the San Andreas Fault may have been its cause.

Meanwhile, according to El Imparcial newspaper, geological investigators are now assessing the cause of the giant crack in Mexico. According to the paper, the civil protection unit also believes the crevice could have been the result of an earthquake which hit the area last Sunday.

While some scientists believe the San Andreas is to be blamed, an investigation by geologists at the University of Sonora said the collapse could be the cause of land on an underground stream.

Apparently, the geologists found that farmers in the area had built up a homemade levee stream in order to contain rainwater, which had begun to leak. Experts said this may have caused an underground stream to develop, which in turn softened the earth above it until it collapsed.

Experts believe that the failure could have created the underwater stream. However, there isn't any proof, according to KRMG. Researchers are still planning on studying the gap more.

In the meantime, farm workers and vehicles are forced to go around the area due to the unstable ground of the colossal crevice.

Giant crack in Mexico still causes many to worry that other huge cracks may form in the area. According to reports, another crack in the same area opened up recently.

Watch the videos from the drone below.