As we're nearing the end of summer, it is time to look forward to the beautiful season of fall. Fall has always seemed to be the season to stay in and sip hot cider and watch a movie or play a game with your friends. However, fall is a wonderful time to go out and explore all the unique places this season makes available.

1.)    Pumpkin Patch: This one is pretty obvious, but visiting a pumpkin patch is such a fun way to enjoy the season of fall. Whether you're buying a pumpkin to carve or paint, it is so fun to visit a farm and see a sea of orange pumpkins all around you. Pumpkin patches often offer hay rides as well which are always fun to sit and enjoy all the aspects of the farm.

2.)    Apple Orchard: There is nothing more beautiful than an apple orchard in fall. All the leaves turning colors and the big beautiful apples ready to be picked. Such a fun date activity, picking apples together and then going home to bake a big delicious apple pie. Make sure to try the orchards homemade apple cider as well, if they offer it.

3.)    The Ocean: This one sounds kind of odd since the ocean is such a summery kind of vacation, but the ocean is great during the fall. During this time not many people decide to visit the ocean because it won't be very warm, which is better for you to avoid all the tourists. The ocean is still fun as well because you can still walk the beach and watch the waves roll in.

4.)    The Fair: Many state fairs happen either in the summer or the fall. If your state offers theirs during the fall make sure to take advantage of it. The fair is such a great place for families and good friends, especially during fall as well because of all the pumpkin carving art and treats, like caramel apples.

5.)    Haunted House: Haunted houses are so entertaining, especially when someone redecorates their house just for the event. Just make sure you have someone to hold onto when you get scared. Many theme parks redecorate their parks for the Halloween season, so look into your local parks to see what they have to offer.