Katy Perry is the queen of pop music. Ms. Perry is the only artist to meet Michael Jackson's record of having the most Billboard number one hits on a single record, which was on her Teenage Dream album.

Saying Katy Perry is a hard working individual is an understatement. For someone who works almost every day of the week on tour and doing endless hours of meet and greets with her fans, she certainly has a crazy schedule. So how does the beautiful Katy Perry like to catch a break and go on vacation?

The Katy Perry Movie let the public into the life of the pop star, revealing her favorite place to travel to on her tour was Tokyo, Japan. If you look at Katy Perry's past red carpet and street looks, you can definitely see a Japanese flare to her style.

It is easy to see that Katy Perry really admires the culture of Japan through her fashion choices. During the Katy Perry Movie, she also shows her favorite place to stop by which is the Tokyo Cat House where you can drink tea and play with cats, her favorite animal.

However, for someone who has been around the world many times, you can only expect them to have multiple favored vacation spots. Perry was seen on vacation in Hawaii with her now ex-boyfriend, John Mayer. The couple vacationed at a private house on the romantic island of Kauai. The couple stayed there for a week, enjoying some down time after their hit duet, "Who You Love," came out. 

Whether Katy Perry is on a two year long tour or busy filming a number one hit music video, the pop star never forgets to take care of herself by taking some down time to vacation.