Deep down on the border of Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho nestled in Hells Canyon is the Snake River. The Snake River is famous for its boating and rafting accessibilities and offering beautiful camping sites. For your next family camping trip, consider traveling to the beautiful majestic Snake River.

Hells Canyon is more famous for the giant dam that creates electricity for the surrounding areas. This is a magnificent landmark that your family will find the educational tour very enlightening. The dam also is the takeoff station for the, 'Wild River Tour,' along the Snake River.

The name 'Hells Canyon' is believed to be named this because of how hot the area gets. While the heat does reach the hundreds in Fahrenheit, it does warm the river somewhat. The river is always absolutely the perfect temperature for taking a cool down swim. The current is not very strong near the camping sites so you can even let the kids jump in and float around the dock.

Fishing is one of the big reasons people like to travel to water. The Snake River is full of plenty of fish and quiet areas for to relax and forget about the world for a while. Just make sure to have your fishing license on hand as well as your boating license as the police boats like to make acquaintances with all the fishers.  

The night sky is absolutely breath taking at night by the Snake River. For a truly magical experience travel to Hells Canyon just to look at the night sky and see how clear all the stars are. Count the multiple shooting stars every night and look at the intriguing Orion's Belt.

For your next family camping trip, consider traveling to the beautiful Hell's Canyon to make unique and extraordinary family memories.