Happiness seems so simple when you're young. Just going outside, seeing your pals at school, your mom making you your favorite dinner, or a surprise trip to the toy store just absolutely made you giddy. But then bam, puberty happens and you start feeling all these other emotions. Emotions like anxiety, rage, depression, gloomy, chaotic, and really any abnormal feeling you can think of. Once the pressures start piling on you can get a little over whelmed and for get to take care of yourself. Here are some simple ways to cheer yourself up a little.

1.)    Set a designated time of day, thirty minutes to an hour, of time to relax and watch your favorite show, go on Pinterest, read a book, meditate, call a friend or family member, or splurge and get a smoothie or coffee. This short time of your day will give you something to look forward to in chaotic life. But no exceptions no matter how busy you are, give yourself this time to calm your mind and refocus on what you love. And absolutely no work can be done. This is your nothing time.

2.)    Get a pet. Pets are the ultimate anti-depressant/anxiety treatment. This little cuddly puppy or cat can make you feel so much better just by how much it will love to great you when you come home. And if you're allergic to fur, get a lizard or a fish. Just having someone in your company at home, and watching them grow can make you feel so much better once you have that attachment to them.

3.)    Exercise. Exercising is not easy for everyone. Everyone has a problem, either their knee is bad, their back is bad, or even a bad toe. Exercising does not mean running at a full sprint on the treadmill for thirty minutes straight. Exercising could be just walking your dog, a dance class, a yoga class, or even just lunges in your living room. Exercising doesn't have to be a burden, just something to get your blood flowing for longer than five minutes.

4.)    Eating healthy. The healing powers of food will astonish you. Through diet you can change your health dramatically. Food can even change your mood. Eating low fat snacks and high protein dinners can boost your self-esteem so much just by all the new energy you'll be feeling and trying new things can also boost your interest levels.

5.)    Call an old friend. Being social is one of the number one ways to boost your happiness. Even introverted people can highly benefit from this. Even if it's just a phone call or a Skype call you can feel so much better just venting to a good friend. Re-acquainting yourself with an old friend also gives you an excuse to go out and grab some coffee or some drinks at the bar. Any excuse to celebrate the rekindling of a good friendship. Having a few close friends is way better than having a lot of acquaintances. Trust these people with your secrets and your daily drama and you will feel so helpful in return hearing about their life issues as well. A win-win situation.