Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera are back to L.A. after secretly tying the knot on July 19 in Cabo San Lucas.

The couple's wedding had been a great shocker for the industry since the two married just months after the "Glee" star called off her engagement to former boyfriend Big Sean. Only few people have been present in the said nuptial which involved only their close family members. Even the couple's respective families were in a shock to know the wedding details in a short notice.

According to Mail Online, the couple wed on Ryan's 31st birthday where they had 12 guests. Included in the couple's guests were the actress' mother and stepfather and the actor's father with his wife and his brother was also there. The shocking news about the couple's sudden wedding has actually received mixed reactions from the people in the media, but although the couple married in a rush, it was said that they have already known each other for a long time.

Ryan Dorsey and now wife Naya Rivera reportedly began dating shortly after the actress' engagement with Big Sean has been called off. There are even rumors claiming that her wedding to the actor is just her way of trying to revenge to her ex and that she wanted Big Sean to know what he has lost and to regret. It was even said that some of her friends are worried, especially that her new husband is said to be a playboy.

As the couple arrived in Los Angeles on Friday, they are seemed trying to prove the rumors false through their actions. Naya Rivera was wearing a white top and a white skirt while she wore her big wedding ring. Ryan Dorsey was also wearing his wedding band while he usher his wife out to the airport and took care of their luggage until they were on their car.