Everybody likes to cut loose once and a while. Indeed, from the laid-off steel-worker to the wall street executive, there's nothing that brings Americans together like the need to unwind: to drink, dance, and forget about the problems of real life for a little bit.

However, not all unwinding is created equally. Indeed, some cities provide a party life- style much more readily than others, with a plethora of clubs, bars, and events for its most rambunctious citizens to attend. It is in honor of that special penchant for breaking it down that we, at Traveler's Today, have listed, below, the top five party cities in the country, places to consider visiting or moving to if you really can't find a reason to turn down.

5. New Orleans

Perhaps the most classic location on the list, New Orleans has kept its spirit alive through travesties that would trample the heart of lesser cities. However, don't let the poverty and inclement weather fool you. The Big Easy, with all of its bars, restaurants, and, ahem, gentlemen's clubs, has one of the best night lives in the world. Add to that the legendary yearly Mardi Gras party in the French Quarter, and you have the recipe for a night you won't ever forget (if you can even remember it in the first place).

4. Austin

The first of several "college towns" on the list, the majority of Austin's party scene is dominated by the 50,000 undergraduate and post-grad students of the University of Texas. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, because of the collegiate desire for a diverse range of activities, Austin has a little something for everyone. Just don't expect a lot of room to wiggle in. The bars and clubs of the city are often filled to the brim, especially on weekends, making your partying experience perhaps a little more congested than you'd expect from a state where everything's bigger.

3. New York

Of course, no list of partying cities would be complete without the biggest city of all, making New York a mandatory addition to this catalogue. But don't take it to mean the city hasn't earned its place. On the contrary, since the Big Apple has more bars and clubs than anywhere else in the country, it's safe to say that the city that never sleeps actually never sleeps. Add to that the relative ease of transportation to-and-from destinations (a quality that kept rival behemoth LA from making the list) and you've got the recipe for a good time, 100% guaranteed.

2. Atlanta

 Most people wouldn't think of this Southern belle of a city as making the list of top partiers. But, as people from Atlanta know, this town knows how to have a good time. From their 91 24-hour restaurants, to their 195 bars and nightclubs, Atlanta offers more variety than you'd expect from a city its size. That, combined with the beautiful Georgian weather makes the city one of the best times in the country, a place to go out and revel in all the fun Dixie has to offer.

1. Miami 

However, the number one spot is reserved for something a little more iconic. After all, nothing says wild partying like the sandy beaches and art deco street-corners of Miami, one of the kookiest, craziest, and most fun cities in America. From the loud, expensive nightclubs, to the heavy Cuban-influence of street-fairs and out-of-the-way bars, the city has a little flavor for everyone. Plus, you never know who may roll through. The city has been home to characters as diverse as Hulk Hogan, Matt Damon, and J-Lo, making the possibility of a star-studded night all the more likely. Which is why, ultimately, Miami ranks as the best party city in the United States, a place that all who have visited will agree, you'll never forget.