If there's anything we in America love, it's a good dessert. From cakes, to cookies, sweet treats are what this country was built on, and, if present trends are any indication, what this country will continue to be built on in the years to come.

However, American desserts are not the only delicacies out there. Indeed, different countries have desserts so original, so interesting, and on some occasions, so delicious that they rival anything produced in the good old US of A. Which is why we here at Travelers Today have provided, below, a list of five shall we say more exotic desserts from around the planet, eclectic sweets and treats that make up large portions of the dessert menus of a number of countries from around the world.  We hope you enjoy!

5. Qatayef, Egypt

Think all dumplings are savory? Think again. In fact, in Egypt and other Arab countries, the sweet dumpling, or Qatayef, has had people raving for years. These dumplings, generally fried or baked with cream, cheese, and a variety of nuts inside of them, are one of the most festive Islamic delicacies, usually consumed during the nights of Ramadan or other Holy Days. In essence, they're the equivalent of American gingerbread cookies: the fact that they're reserved for special occasions makes them all the tastier!

4. Botamochi, Japan

 This food-item may not look like much. Indeed, to most Americans, a piece of Botamochi, or sweet-rice mixed with sweet red beans, probably just looks like a big purple blob. But to the Japanese, the dish is central to cultural traditions surrounding the passing of seasons and the beginning of Spring. Plus, reports say that the Botamochi is surprisingly tasty, combining sweet, savory, and earthy elements to create a sensation of flavor foreign to most American palettes. If only it looked a little yummier!

3. Crème de Abacate, Brazil 

Another suspicious-looking item on the list, Crème de Abacate may seem, at first glance, to be nothing more than green goo. However, under further examination, this Brazilian dish actually reveals itself as finely whipped Avocado cream, a condiment that's surprisingly tasty. Plus, it's not half bad for you. Indeed, the Crème de Abacate stands alone, without unnecessary additions of sugar, butter, or fat, meaning not only will you enjoy your dessert, but you won't see it hanging off your stomach later.

2.  Deep-Fried Mars Bar, Scotland

This dessert may seem like it comes from a county fair somewhere in the American Midwest. But, as we've seen in the rest of this list, you shouldn't trust first impressions. Indeed, first originating in a Stonehaven fry-shop, the deep-fried Mars Bar has become a tradition in Scotland, finding its way into sweetshops, café menus, and even cook-books. The only downfall is, this treat is just as bad for you as the name suggests. So, while your mouth may enjoy the combo of crunchy fried batter and melted chocolate, your arteries definitely won't be thanking you


1. Wasabi Ice Cream, Japan

Japan's second item on the list, and the number one overall spot, Wasabi Ice-Cream seems to us like the weirdest, most unusual, and most apparently unappealing dessert we could find. However, all of that doesn't deter Japan from manufacturing this special treat, flavored after the horseradish-based sauce notorious for countless burned-tongues and spit-takes. Nevertheless, first hand reports label this strange concoction as pleasantly tingly, a recommendation both intriguing and slightly concerning for us at the Travelers Today office. And yet, no one could deny Wasabi-flavored ice cream is exotic, leading us to, without question, put it at the top of this list.