The Foo Fighters have agreed to go on with a crowd-funded concert that was orchestrated without them knowing.

Foo Fighters fans in Richmond, Virginia have campaigned for a few months, selling tickets to a show that was not even a done deal yet. The band later announced that they were going to give in to the requests of the masses and play on the show. Their Twitter message said, "Seeya soon...Let's have a good time."

The campaign was spearheaded only in March this year by a freelance creative director and copywriter, Andrew Goldin. He wanted to bring back the Foo Fighters to his hometown for another show, since the last time the band was in Richmond was in 1998.

Goldin, along with his co-organizers, John McAdorey, Lucas Krost, and Brig White, set a target of having 1,400 tickets sold at $50 each. This was their attempt of luring the band to do the concert. Credit cards would only be charged if the show sold out, and the payments that were given would have been returned if Foo Fighters did not agree to play.

The campaign, as of Saturday, was able to garner $70,026, surpassing its goal of $70,000. Brown's Volkswagen and Sugar Shack Donuts have donated $5,000 to the campaign and have planned to hand out the tickets for free.

Goldin said, "Rather than waiting and waiting, and waiting for our favorite band to come to us, we're making it happen. We're selling tix to a Foo Fighters concert that the band doesn't have scheduled yet in the hopes that they'll come to our great city and play a show. Then, if the band comes, we all rock out. If they don't come, everyone gets their money back. Every cent. So buy your tix, spread the word, and let's make some rock-n-roll history."