Depressed goat in California has been on a 6-day hunger strike. Amazingly, animal officials in northern California have found out that the only solution to the hunger strike of the depressed goat in California is a reunion with a donkey, its BFF.

This is the story of Mr. G and Jellybean, a story which sounds like it's something taken out of a children's book. The name of the depressed goat in California is Mr. G, and his best friend donkey is Jellybean. Mr. G, the depressed goat in California reportedly went on almost a week-long hunger strike when he was separated from his best friend donkey.

According to northern California animal officials, after being reunited with Jellybean, Mr. G became so happy that he finally ended his hunger strike and started eating again.

KTVU-TV reports that the depressed goat in California, Mr. G, and his donkey best friend, Jellybean, were seized along with dozens of dogs and other farm animals from the southern California home of an abusive animal hoarder earlier this year.

The creatures were reportedly taken to separate animal sanctuaries. As the 10-year-old goat arrived at Animal Place in Grass Valley, Calif., he became the depressed goat in California and apparently refused to eat or go outside. According to Yahoo News, Mr. G just laid in a corner of his stall for six days.

"They offered him treats like sweet grain and apples - favorite foods for a goat. But that didn't work. Mr. G was given a thorough physical exam and appeared to be completely healthy. After four days, officials said something drastic needed to be done."

According to The Daily Mail, the sanctuary's staff even had to physically move Mr. G every so often so he wouldn't be sitting in one place for too long. They eventually brought in a veterinarian and learned that nothing was physically wrong with the depressed goat in California as he was just that, depressed.
This prompted the animal sanctuary to reunite Mr. G with Jellybean the burro in order to keep him alive. A volunteer at the sanctuary reportedly had to go on a 14-hour drive in order to get the Jellybean from another animal sanctuary. The Daily Mail reports that when Jellybean arrived and the depressed goat in California heard him being unloaded, the goat "immediately leapt to his hooves and ran to the door."

According to Animal Place, as Jellybean entered Mr. G's stall, the depressed goat in California "could not believe his eyes. He even did a double-take, says Animal Place. He was able to smell Jellybean's unique scent and that's why Mr. G realized that his friend, Jellybean donkey, had returned.

Mr. G, now the former depressed goat in California, "erupted from his prone position, snorting and inhaling Jellybean's presence. He rushed after her into their outdoor pasture."

Currently, both Mr. G and Jellybean are sharing a pen at the facility. Animal Place said in a blog post, "Never doubt the depth of emotions other animals possess. Mr. G's grief was as deep and mysterious as a human's. His joy at reuniting with Jellybean was as beautiful and inspiring."

Depressed goat in California is melancholy no more. Reports say that Animal Place have decided not to put either animal up for adoption.

To watch the beautiful friendship of Mr. G and Jellybean, see video below.